Because Life's a Joke!

SweetPee is the sweetest synthetic urine out there! 

What starting out as a bet among friends, founder Joe P. decided to show them that he could sell anything on the internet. A website was designed and the SweetPee brand was created. 

To his surprise, there was an actual demand for fake urine! So the joke turned into something serious. At that point Joe P. set out to make the most realistic fake pee possible. 

Today SweetPee is possibly the best and most realistic fake urine available on the market. Just like real urine, SweetPee has all the same components as real human urine, minus the harmful toxins found in actual pee. 

What could be funnier than dousing your friend's bed with urine? Or pretending to piss on a friend's front porch? 

Nothing! At least now, you have less of a chance of getting your ass kicked. Game on!